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Axel Hedman Part II--I think

Jan 30, 2009 4:51 PM | 0 comments

Back in November I posted a short article about the Brooklyn architect Axel Hedman. While researching that article I came across evidence that Hedman had designed a bath house on Hicks Street, but was unable to find any picture of it in our files and eventually gave up the search. (See I assumed that the bath house had been razed to make way for the BQE.  Well, one thing has a way of leading to another. Following our interest in Brooklyn-related ephemera, we have just acquired an interesting group of old menus. Among them is one for a dinner given on Thursday December 10th 1903 by the Citizens of Brooklyn to Hon. Edward J. Swanstrom, President of the Borough.

Swanstrom Menu

After the menu itself comes a list of toasts, starting with an invocation from Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler and ending with Auld Lang Syne from Abraham Abraham. Then comes a picture of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch. And then, this:


In case you cannot read the reduced-size print, it reads, "A Swanstrom Monument. Public Baths on Hicks Street, one of Five."

Apparently there is a reason for collecting menus we had never even thought of--they preserve images of lost architecture! I think this must be Hedman's Bath House. I'm quite ready to be corrected on this, but I don't know of another bath house on Hicks Street.

 In case you are wondering what the Beep was offered to eat that night, it was:

Caviar Muscovite; Buzzard Bay Oysters on the half shell; Cream of Celery soup; Striped Bass, Vin Blanc with Pommes Hollandaise;  Filet Mignon, a la Cheron with Pommes Parisienne follwed by Sorbet au rhum; Squab magnifique with Pommes Duchesse and Haricots verts; Biscuit Tortoni, Glaces Varies and Petits Fours; Fruits Assortis; Cafe noir. The wines were: White Rock with the Oysters; Pontet Canet with the Fish; Moet & Chandon White Seal with the roti.