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Our bi-weekly quizz. Mystery picture.

Mar 24, 2009 4:41 PM | 2 comments

Attention Brooklyn Buffs and Buffettes--can you identify the building in this picture? Clue--it was in Brooklyn, and the photo was taken in May 1914.  Post your answers or guesses as a comment and collect kudos for being the first to get it right. AND--the winner gets a free 8 x 10 copy print of the featured picture.  All comments will be published together when the winner is announced so as not to give the game away.


3/25/2009 9:35:42 AM #

Is it the Municipal Building, across from Borough Hall?  Are the rectangles on the sidewalk subway vents?

Michael Ring

3/27/2009 8:29:07 AM #

Michael Ring is the winner. Quick as a flash he posted the correct answer.  It is indeed the Municipal Building, across from Borough hall, and as far as we can tell, it looks as if this picture was taken from the roof of Borough Hall. We waited for the flood of other suggestions but the rest of you seem to have been stumped. Michael, congratulations, and if you give us your mailing address we will send you the print. Email