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Found in the Morgue: Seven Special Cats

Aug 17, 2010 3:01 PM | 1 comment

We have a great folder of vintage cat photographs in the collection of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle Morgue; below are some of my favorites.

Barbara Baiena's Brooklyn kitten had a special talent -- sipping her milk through a straw in tandem with her owner.

These three kittens were found inside a furniture crate shipped from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, discovered at the end of their transcontinental trip.

Susie, who lived on a wharf at 57th St., chased a rat that dove into the water and Susie went in after it. Workmen tried to rescue her for more than six hours after she scrambled onto a crossbeam just above the high tide level. They eventually succeeded in rescuing her, and rewarded her with a meal of milk, fish and chopped meat.

This kitten was rescued after being trapped inside an unused Ocean Ave. chimney for a week.

This feline was trapped on top of a roof elevator for twenty four hours at the Parkview Apartments at 57 Prospect Park Southwest.

Tillie, resident kitten of Sommerville Fire Station in Boston, can be seen here sliding down the fireman's pole, perhaps wondering why her claws won't stop her motion.

Last but not least, here is Princess Mickey, Queen of the Brooklyn Cat Show at the Hotel Granada in 1948.



9/8/2010 3:13:25 AM #

how like scout in las vegas ballerina dress is princess mickey?!